Towards the end of summer I came across an article on the concept of Hygge.  Despite having 9 months of a long cold and dark winter Denmark is consistantly rated one of the happiest places to live because of their Hygge lifestyle.  Hygge prounounced Hoo-Gah has no direct translation as it is more of a feeling of coziness.

Living in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon where we see more rain, snow and dark days this concept of Hygge immediately resonated with me.  

The long Winters that bleed into Spring have required us to find the joy and simplicity of just being at home and being happy.  My passion and love for knitting and spinning screams coziness as there is always yarns hanging from the fireplace mantel and you can not find a place to sit without a big cuddly blanket close by.  Our dark house is always filled with brightly lit candles as we work hard to make our environment feel welcoming and bright despite the rain that may be falling.  

This simple concept of happiness and well being are put into every single item I knit or spin.  May you feel all the love and coziness and concept of Hygge from this Northwest native everytime you use one of my yarns or knitwear.  

Cheers! Jen