If you are a spinner you will understand what I mean when I say it's  almost trance like.  Watching how your feet treadle to make the wheel  spin as the fiber runs through your fingers and winds onto the bobbin is  pretty mesmerizing.  Spinning is a pretty meditative thing for me.  I  sit down at my wheel and I am immediately in the present moment as the  wheel starts turning and the fiber is slipping through my fingers.  I  start to wonder what the yarn is going to look like when I am done or  what that yarn will become later on when it's finished.  I am my most  creative when I am sitting at my wheel.  One thing that is for sure is I  can not have a bunch of negative energy or thoughts going through me  when I spin or knit.  I have never been able to do that.  There has  always been something inside of me that felt I can not be making  something so beautiful and putting anything other then that kind of  energy into it.  Numerous times when the past regrets, feelings of lack  of, anger, etc. start to creep in I have to stop spinning.  No I am not a  perfect thinker all the time and I definitely can not control every  single thought that pops into my head, but if it is something that I can  not shake and move on from I will stop spinning.  It's like everything  inside of me knows to do this as well, because believe you me I have  tried to force things at my wheel when I am in a bad space and I will  have problem after problem with my wheel or the fiber I am spinning to  where I get so frustrated I have to stop spinning anyways.  Now on the  flip side of that I have definitely been in a down space and walked into  my studio and saw some beautiful roving that made me feel better and  inspired and sat down at my wheel for a good ole attitude adjustment.   Once again if that adjustment doesn't happen for some reason I will step  away from my wheel.  Call me kooky but that is me and how I have always  felt about my relationship with my wheel and the yarn I make.  That  yarn that I spin is a finished project in its self.  I don't always turn  each skein that I make into a knitted product. Sitting in a basket or  hanging on the wall in my studio to be admired at and wonder what should  I make if anything with it.  A lot of times that yarn is sold and I  never seewhat it actually became.  Regardless I couldn't have that yarn  hanging on my wall or turn it into a hat if I was pissed off the entire  time I was spinning it.  I would always look at that yarn or that hat  and think god the day I worked on that project was a bad one.   Especially knowing if I am going to give or sell that yarn or project to  someone else, I just wouldn't want to pass the kind of negative energy  on.  So with all of that being said I have also decided to take my  spinning one step further and spin certain yarns with an intention  instead of letting my mind go in all kinds of happy creative thoughts.   At the end of each month I will be listing certain yarns that were  created under a certain intention.  Whether that be abundance, health,  growth, etc each yarn will have a story and an inspirational message  spun into it.  When purchasing a hand spun yarn from me you can choose  to visit the blog and read what the story is behind the yarn when I spun  it or choose to find your own inspiration when you work with it.   Regardless know you have purchased one good yarn!