Cheviot Wool

If you have visited my shop you can't help but notice I use a lot of Cheviot wool.  Before I talk about why I love working with this fiber here are a few facts about this breed.

The Cheviot originated from Britain and got it's name from residing in the hills that border England and Scotland.  This hardy medium sized sheep is all white including it's face.  They do not grow any wool on their face or their legs.  They have distinct ears and do not grow horns.  Ewes make excellent mothers as lambing comes easier for this breed.  They produce 5-10lb. fleeces and have a longer growing cycle of up to 15 months allowing them to produce a longer staple length of about 5 1/2in.  Their wool is known for it's durability and bounce. 

As a spinner and dyer Cheviot is one of my very favorite wools to work with.  Their nice airy fiber soaks up dye quickly resulting in rich vibrant colors.  It is super hardy and easier to dye then merino for instance as I do not have to worry as much about it felting.  Though yes Cheviot does felt it just doesn't felt as quickly as a finer fiber like merino.  It's 5in staple length is a treat to spin.  From fine to bulky this fiber will do whatever you want it to.  It is super easy to work with and I highly recommend it for all levels of spinners even beginners.  The top that I use is open and airy and not slippery resulting that it practically spins itsself!

When knit the fiber continues to soften up and creates a nice durable fabric.  I love spinning and knitting with a single ply yarn and Cheviot responds very well to that.  It is durable and even in a single ply will last longer and not pill as quickly or as much.  It also has a nice sheen look to your finished project. 

If you have never worked with Cheviot before check out these listings and get spinning and knitting.  



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