The journey that is            Hanks in the Hood.

My love and appreciation for knitting started at a young age wearing the knitted sweaters my grandmother made. I taught myself how to knit 17 years ago after the birth of our son. Then came our daughter and a few years later we left the city and moved to the boonies. It was that move that introduced me to a local shop that had a knit night. The owner of the shop spun and though she never allowed me to touch her wheel I knew it was something that I had to do. She helped me find a used Ashford traditional, gave me some wool and a how to book and sent me home. Night after night my husband would watch me swearing in frustration as I sat down at the wheel trying to make something that somewhat resembled yarn. As he continued to question why I would want to continue to try and do something that caused me so much anger! Then slowly it started to click. My hands and feet caught up to what my head knew I was supposed to do and I started to make yarn and have been obsessed with the entire process ever since. In 2009 I followed my dream and opened a yarn shop which also lead to purchasing a mill. After 2 years I had to make the painful decision and say goodbye to that dream. We closed the shop and built a studio in our yard and moved the mill. During all of this I was also working with Knit Picks wholesaling my batts and center pull rovings. I will be forever grateful to Knit Picks for taking a chance on a small independent fiber artist. The 8 years that I worked with them will continue to be a highlight of my fiber career. After the disappointment of closing the shop I took a few years to just step back from the business side of things and just spend some time enjoying my hobby while figuring out what was next for me. I'm happy to say that through it all I have come back full circle to what I truly love and that is sharing this passion of mine while being a working at home mom.

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